Jefferson Noizet Band

In 2010 Jean François Vaissière aka Jefferson Noizet leaves its first album “Carte de visite”. On a americana-folk style he poses french texts greeted by the press. He transforms the test in 2014 with “Tous ces mots”. Again the critic greets texts “engraved well” through titles such as “Leila”, “Plus de monnaie”. But Jefferson did not wait until 2010 to start to put himself into music. Armed with an improbable guitar acquired at the age acne sufferer he follows some courses to the vynilic university of the professors Woody Guthrie, Tom Paxton and others aggregate into folk. To finish his training he meets in Paris Marcel Dadi who initiates him to picking techniques. He will retain some bits of them. Thereafter he plays with the occitan singer Rosina De Peira and founds the folk group Radicelles. It is at that time that he starts to compose in French. The music not nourishing inevitably he is found in 1983 behind a mike of an important independant local radio station of Toulouse, springboard towards national networks as a responsible promotion. Beside this radiophonic career he is rock critic in various publications mainly in Rock & Folk with which he collaborates during seven years.
Since 2007 he is a communication trainer in a school of preparation to the radio jobs. These activities do not prevent him therefore continuing to compose and from flirting by 2000 again with the scene.
This scenic return will lead in 2004 to a first confidential self-production of four titles, then in 2011 with the current band Jefferson Noizet.
At the same time in 2016, he creates, accompanied by actor Frédéric Cyprien, a musical reading around a novel of which he is the author “Chroniques du bord de Garonne…et d’ailleurs”



"Danser sous la pluie"


"With its third album Danser sous la pluie Jefferson Noizet affirms a personality and an approach singular of its Art. Result of a incredible work on the texts, the voice and which multiply artistic collaborations, this opus with the Americana accents confirms its talents of songwriter"
La Dépêche du Midi



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